KeyQ® - A nice piece of work

KeyClip and DoorClip from KeyQ® will enhance the look and feel of your doors and your living space. This new accessorie is available as KeyQ® Classic with different metal surfaces
KeyQ® Fun, recent to the Football EM 2008 as football out of plastic.

KeyQ® KeyClip

With the door lock element KeyClip it’s easier to catch and turn the key, like a doorknob. Also it prevents unwanted insights to the other side.

Illustration KeyClip

It´s easy:

The key header will be put into the plastic capsule and the capsule half will then be closed.
Capsule with be slide into the cover with light pressure.
Then the door lock will be put with the KeyClip into the keyhole.

KeyQ® DoorClip

KeyQ® DoorClip is the counter piece of the KeyClip and will be clipped on to the keyhole.

The KeyQ® DoorClip will just be clipped onto the door hole.

KeyClip and DoorClip are available with different metal surfaces