KeyQ® Classic


DoorClip and KeyClip will enhance the look and feel of your doors. The product is an exclusive living accessory with timeless design.

With the door lock element KeyClip it’s easier to catch and turn the key, like a doorknob. Also it prevents unwanted insights to the other side.


Sale-Display "Clip it!"
15 pieces. DoorClip, 20 pieces. KeyClip, sorted

KeyQ® DoorClip and KeyClip are available with following surfaces:

IllustrationStainless steel, brushed

IllustrationAluminum, anodized

IllustrationChromed, shiny polished

IllustrationNickel-plated, shiny polished

IllustrationGold-plated, shiny polished

KeyQ® Presentation-Systems

KeyQ Verkaufsständer

Sale system "small" - VSK

KeyQ Verkaufsständer

Sale system "big"

KeyQ Einzelverpackung

Singe package "KeyClip"

KeyQ Einzelverpackung

Single package "DoorClip"

KeyQ Setverpackung KeyClip DoorClip

Set package"Key + DoorClip"